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One heck of a way to start ringing in the holidays

It seems like forever and a day ago, but a long time ago in a village far far away (called Palatine) we used to rehearse in our dear friends Nick & Sam’s basement. A place that came to be known as ‘The Haven’, complete with a DIY metal inspired wall mural.

One of the first proper shows we threw at the Haven was this exact lineup. It was sweaty, full of energy, laughs, and epic. The Haven would go on to host a bunch more DIY punk shows, each one more epic than the last, culminating with a Rise Against show that almost brought the whole house down.

Our hearts are full announcing this one. Big thanks to the beautiful humans at Riot Fest for making it happen, and invoking such killer memories. Can’t wait to shred the Reggie's stage with good buds A Wilhelm Scream and Much The Same

See you in the pit!

🚨Ticket link right here:🚨


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