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The end of an era

As many of you may or may not have noticed, Brian hasn’t been involved in anything going on in CP land for the past few months. We’ve heard our fair share of questions about it, but up until now we haven’t really addressed it. Yes, it’s true. Counterpunch and Brian have parted ways officially as of fall of last year because of unresolvable creative differences. We want to thank Bri for everything he contributed during his time in CP, and we wish him nothing but the the best in all of his future musical endeavors.

That being said, it’s our absolute pleasure to introduce you all to Kyle from She Likes Todd (Chicago skate punk champions…check them out if you haven’t already…). While we’ve been laying relatively low, we’ve been quietly shaping our new album, and we have some seriously killer tunes that are being fine tuned and getting prepped for the studio. Kyle’s a shredder, and an all around great dude. We’re completely stoked to start this new chapter of Counterpunch with such a positive influence. I mean, look at that wonderful head of hair! (this is what happens when one of us visit you at your parent’s house…..we find epic old pictures of you to exploit…)

Another big announcement is coming sooooon.



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