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Balls! We got robbed!

As some of you may have already heard from various social channels, our van was broken into Monday night (12/26) and several items were stolen from outside my place here in Chicago. I feel like this kind of thing is happening all the time (more and more as of late) to so many great bands and great friends that it's become the 'norm'. Not a week passes where I don't see that someone we know had their stuff jacked from what is their home on the road. It's an awful feeling. You feel helpless, violated, sad, and ultimately incredibly pissed. It never really hits home until it happens to you.

Well, now it has.

While most of the stuff is technically replaceable, some things are not. Jim lost his one of a kind beauty from the amazingly talented Dr. Nick of Wail City. I urge you all to keep a close eye out for this snare with the serial number W.C.039N.P.A(DerrickP) . It's made from rich mahogany, and is a work of art. Jim loves playing it. It's so choice. If you have the means to get your hands on one of these custom drums from Wail City I highly suggest picking one up. Am I pissed about the guitar gear that was stolen from me? Sure. But I'm more bummed about losing that drum on the heels of recording a new record. Anyways, keep your enemies close, and your gear even closer. Fuck you 2016.


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